Rachel Lawrence

Highly qualified Pilates instructor, & fitness by dance lifestyle specialist

A story of tragedy at 18, turns to world domination around the corner

A professional dancer from the age of 18 until a knee injury brought her dance career crashing down. Searching for a new way to self-identify after over 10 years of laser-focused identity is the equivalent to picking your entire shattered life up off the floor and figuring out how to begin a new one. At 18. Pilates was proposed by a chiropractor to build strength and maybe rehabilitate the career-ending knee injury. It, in fact, opened a door to an entirely new future with even more purpose that she thought she could find again.

Rachel has taken her Pilates & Dance studio a very long way in a short time and is as the point where she needs to begin expanding her brand across London. She's ready to grow her personal brand profile in multiple ways, in order to become an authority and expert using comprehensive experience for a variety of consulting opportunities. We are working on providing an existing site with a makeover, followed by a brand new design in early 2020.

We are providing on-site SEO service, something every client should ask any developer or web designer if they are including comprehensively in their service. Without it you will find the same advice across the industry - think long and hard before hiring them unless they can deliver it. The reason being is there's no point having a great new site if Google can't read it / or penalises it because of a lack of SEO, when it scans the internet - the upshot of this is you will more often than not be pushed down the search results listings and shown to fewer people, which directly harms your bottom dollar, pound or euro.

We will also commence a monthly social media marketing service, creating a bespoke content strategy for her followers and adding value to their relationship with compelling content for their day to day lives. This builds loyalty, and engenders community, meaning talking to Rachel first will be top of mind when that someone needs a service she provides, or when a follower is finally 'ready to buy'. Sale done!

A marketing driven website is an investment not a cost

Smart design.

Language and psychology engage your visitors.

Well thought out user-journeys are based on visitor and customer profiling.

A compelling content strategy demonstrates you understand them and can best fulfil their needs.

Finally you need effective ways to steer visitors to book an appointment or make a purchase.

What are your main goals?

Our sites are designed to work for you:

Attract targeted visitors

  • focus on those people who are interested in, or need your services.

Convert into repeat customers

  • by fulfilling their needs and building trust, we can steer them toward taking action, such as an email enquiry, or picking up the phone to book an appointment

Here are the basics:

Our approach is bespoke and friendly:

Bespoke site design communicates how you view your own business identity

  • It's crucial to stand out in a world saturated with DIY and cookie cutter-templates, manufactured sites that look cheap and ubiquitous. It says everything about you to your customer or client.
  • How you view your business, and that cutting costs is a business principle. We all see and make this judgement everyday when we're looking for a business or service.

We create your brand around your unique values

Does your current site do all that?

Find out how your website can pay for itself, and create an effective revenue stream by turning visitors into clients.