James Burgess Design - International Product Designer

A creative, clean and minimal modern website, with the images front and centre

James Burgess is a product designer working for international clients based in the UK, Italy, USA, & Asia. His portfolio includes a diverse range of functional designs, with everything from products and furniture to graphics, interiors, digital and branding.

The brief was to create a modern website with a very strict aesthetic - minimal, and then even more minimal! Sleek, clean but with enough style to stand out, by letting the stunning product images do the talking. We also made sure to clearly communicate the diverse array of product lines he produces, without confusing the visitor. For this we used a filter portfolio.

A marketing driven website is an investment not a cost

Smart design.

Language and psychology engage your visitors.

Well thought out user-journeys are based on visitor and customer profiling.

A compelling content strategy demonstrates you understand them and can best fulfil their needs.

Finally you need effective ways to steer visitors to book an appointment or make a purchase.

Does your current site do all that?

Find out how your website can pay for itself, and create an effective revenue stream by turning visitors into clients.

Here are the basics:

Our approach is bespoke and friendly:

Bespoke site design communicates how you view your own business identity

  • It's crucial to stand out in a world saturated with DIY and cookie cutter-templates, manufactured sites that look cheap and ubiquitous. It says everything about you to your customer or client.
  • How you view your business, and that cutting costs is a business principle. We all see and make this judgement everyday when we're looking for a business or service.

We create your brand around your unique values

What are your main goals?

Our sites are designed to work for you:

Attract targeted visitors

  • focus on those people who are interested in, or need your services.

Convert into repeat customers

  • by fulfilling their needs and building trust, we can steer them toward taking action, such as an email enquiry, or picking up the phone to book an appointment