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"We want to upgrade to a modern business website, so we can stand out...

but where do we start?!"

 March 2013

We met when they were launching their biggest brand makeover to date. Conscious of being in a saturated local catchment area, they had a new site design already from a previous designer. It was too late to create our own design, but we explained it needed to have a marketing strategy, not just work as an online brochure. We subsequently built it to their brief, but they were eager for more.


We created a brand new mobile website to compliment the desktop site, ensuring they didn't miss out on half of today's potential customers, who use a smartphone to find and compare services.

Together, we completed the desktop website they already designed, we provided SEO expertise, which their previous web designer didn't realise was necessary, and after launch, visitor traffic increased by over 100% in the first year. Out SEO work achieved 1st position in Google search listing, and we have kept them 1st ever since.

We suggested they start a blog and provided training on how to blog for business. The benefits are, they have added another level of service to their community, found a way to keep in touch with existing clients and reaching new ones every month, and add fresh content to their site which is crucial for Google search pages.

Through the blog, they are establishing themselves as a local ‘go to’ authority for useful advice related to Osteopathy, Podiatry and sports injury treatment, which translates into customer enquiries. And by jotting down questions clients ask during appointments, the team can easily create topics to blog about that are relevant and helpful to their followers.

Teddington Osteopaths are active on social media. They found  Twitter (@TW11Osteopaths) is their most suitable platform for their client base, and use it share community news and conversation, and announce new blog posts. This sends people to their website, where we employ 'Call To Action' tactics to convert these visitors into customers by encouraging them to book an appointment, or phone for more information about a subject mentioned.

For those people who may not need an appointment right now, the brand begins to stand out because the blog's and twitter posts are still useful and interesting reads. It means the business becomes familiar, which it builds trust. So when a visitor does need an Osteopath or a Podiatrist in the future, Teddington Osteopaths will be top of mind.

Results Summary

#1 position on Google

Remained #1 ever since

Traffic up 100% in 1st yr

Established business blog

From The Client

“I appreciate iMarkets for their straight-forward expertise in helping us stand out in a competitive local market. Traffic has doubled since launching our new website, and we're consistently at the top of Google and Google Maps search results. We also added a mobile-site too. Great stuff!"


  • A blog's a great way to improve your SEO rating in Google search
  • It guarantees fresh content appears on your site all the time
  • Which encourages Google to position you nearer the top of page because your site adds value to the internet
  • Which can help you stay ahead of your competitors
  • Which translates into more business!

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