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Mobile-friendly websites

"We were very happy once iMarkets showed us that more people use their phones than desktops to do internet searches these days. We wanted a solicitors website design from an agency who understood local business. They explained very simply, how we could be losing clients to our competitors because our old site was so difficult to read on mobile screens. iMarkets delivered a mobile-friendly site incredibly quickly".
Coleman’s Solicitors

Build an Online Shop

"The expertise and friendly support from iMarkets was just right, and we love our new site. We wanted to know how to build an online shop (eCommerce), and iMarkets successfully developed ways we could acquire new customers directly from the new site instead of cold calling. Everything was delivered with no problems."

Satpal Thind
Director, Superhanger

Websites for Osteopaths | Chiropractors | Massage | Wellness businesses


"Traffic doubled since launching our new website, and we've consistently been #1 on Google and Google Local search results ever since. I'm grateful to iMarkets for their excellent, straight-forward help in our website design for Osteopaths by helping us stand out in a competitive local market. Great stuff!"

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Teddington Osteopaths LOGO
Stuart Walker
Head of Practice,
Teddington Osteopaths

Local Online Marketing for Osteopaths | Chiropractors | Sports Massage


"We weren't sure about how to do online marketing for Osteopaths and had a small budget. iMarkets explained everything simply which took away any 'fear of the internet'. They suggested we should blog useful advice and news, which is a great digital strategy for us. They set up our blog, trained us on how to run it, and how to use social media properly. It's given us a new way to keep in touch with our clients, helps us reach customers locally and gets us seen in more places online."

Teddington Osteopaths LOGO
Maria Blanchard
Practice Manager,
Teddington Osteopaths

Restaurant Website Design

"A real understanding of what is important to a local business. iMarkets redesigned our website so it now earns us new customers, and we use their local marketing promotions to help us grow every month. I highly recommend them to find you customers who actually want to book a table."

Chutney Jack’s
Chutney Jack's Tandoori Lounge

Websites for Massage | Wellness businesses


"I found that building my own website took forever, it cost me valuable income and my time better spent running my business. I asked iMarkets to take over & love the work they have done. By advising on how to treat my site as a business tool, creating professional text and adding website development that was taking me too long to figure out. I feel they set me apart from others in my field."

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Margherita Costantino

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